JHG’s structured approach provides a range of template documents and distinct procedures that will guide your organisation through the required steps of acquiring a verified BEE scorecard. Our tested approach to BEE is based on: assessment strategy development implementation formal rating score maintenance Our on-site services are aimed at: TRAINING Educating the organisation to the intricacies […]


  By equipping employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, the company is able to perform better and individuals are empowered to reach their full potential. Our standard courses can be significantly modified, or completely new programmes developed to suit each client’s unique needs. We implement the following process in terms of researching, developing and […]


Whether you pay R50 or R5 000 per month towards your Skills Development Levy, you are entitled to get back a portion of the money you have paid in the form of Levy Grants. JHG Personnel Practitioners can assist you in claiming back a substantial portion of your Skills Development Levy (SDL) paid annually. JHG […]


Every designated employer is required to develop and implement an Employment Equity plan. The purpose of the Employment Equity plan is to enable the employer ‘to achieve reasonable progress towards Employment Equity’, to assist in eliminating unfair discrimination in the workplace, and to achieve equitable representation of employees from designated groups by means of affirmative […]


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Confidential handling of information.
Customised service to suit your unique needs.
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You need the right people on board in order to achieve the goals of your company. We provide an in-depth recruitment and selection service at all levels and within all industries. Our outsourced staff procurement service saves you significant time and effort. Our procurement service encompasses: Preliminary briefing to determine job and person specifications. Advertising the vacancy […]


Performance Management forms the basis for goal setting, measurement and performance evaluation in order to achieve the agreed and expected results. Performance Management is directly related to personal and organisational goal setting and achievement. The results of people who are involved in the process of planning, goal setting, measurement and achievement, will be of an […]


Company policies and procedures ensure uniformity and provide the parameters within which employees and managers can act. The implementation of policies and procedures ensure consistency and fairness towards all employees as well as compliance with relevant labour legislation. JHG Personnel Practitioners can assist you with the drafting and implementation of your company’s unique policies and […]



1.7.1. The procedure for dealing with resignation
1.7.2. The procedure to follow in case resignation is withdrawn


1.1.12 Applicant rejection letter / Certificate of Service
1.1.13 Employee Personal Details Form
1.1.14 Employee Resignation Form



1.6.1. Absenteeism versus Desertion
1.6.2. The Rule
1.6.3. The process to be followed when dismissing a deserter
1.6.4. The process to be followed when the deserter returns


2.1.3 Desertion procedure
3.1 Absenteeism and Desertion Policy

Retrenchment: more than 50 employees


1.5.1. Appointment of a facilitator
1.5.2. Sixty days allowed for consultation/facilitation
1.5.3. The consultation process
1.5.4. After the 60 days


1.1.11 Notice of intention to retrench
1.4.6 Retrenchment advice

Retrenchment: less than 50 employees


1.4.1. What is meant by retrenchment?
1.4.2. Under what circumstances can employees be retrenched?
1.4.3. Duty to consult
1.4.4. What selection criteria should be used?
1.4.5. How can retrenchments be avoided or minimized?
1.4.6. Timing of the dismissals
1.4.7. Mitigating the adverse effects of retrenchment
1.4.8. Severance pay


1.4.6 Retrenchment advice - Example of letter terminating services

Dismissal based on ill health or injury (medical incapacity)


1.3.1. What are the signs of medical incapacity?
1.3.2. The procedure to follow in case of medical incapacity
1.3.3. Considerations of fairness
1.3.4. Guidelines in case of dismissal arising from ill health or injury
1.3.5. Confidentiality


1.1.26 Investigation into incapacity due to ill health

Dismissal based on misconduct


1.2.1. Principles
1.2.2. Procedural and Substantive Requirements
1.2.3. The Disciplinary Hearing
1.2.4. Principles that will apply to Disciplinary Hearings
1.2.5. Proof on a balance of probabilities
1.2.6. Record keeping and administration after the hearing


1.1.27 Disciplinary appeal form
1.1.28 Disciplinary report
1.1.29 Notice forms
1.1.30 Lodgement of a grievance

Dismissal based on poor work performance


1.1.1 - Clarifying poor work performance
1.1.2 - Unable or unwilling to meet performance standards
1.1.3 - Procedure for dealing with poor work performance
1.1.4 - Considerations for dismissal for poor performance
1.1.5 - Parties involved
1.1.6 - Probationers and poor work performance


1.1.11. Notice of intention to retrench
1.1.22 Performance Management Cycle and Forms
1.1.23 - Notice to attend a poor work performance counseling session
1.1.24 - Disciplinary finding for work performance
1.1.25 - Official record of poor work performance inquiry
1.2.4 - Dismissal for poor work performance : employees other than probationary employees
1.2.5 - Poor work performance counselling session
1.2.6 - Poor work performance hearing
1.2.7 - Checklist for dismissal for operational requirements
1.2.8 - Checklist for dismissals
1.3.2 - Notice of dismissal
2.1.6 - Poor work performance hearing


1.1.1 - LRA Form 7.16 Subpoena
1.1.2 - LRA Form 7.17 Request for Taxation
1.1.3 - LRA Form 7.18 Application to Certify CCMA Award and Writ of Execution
1.1.4. LRA Form 7.11 --- PART A -Referring a dispute to the CCMA for Conciliation including Con-Arb --- PART B -Additional form for dismissal disputes only
1.1.5. LRA Form 7.11 --- PART A -Referring a dispute to the CCMA for Conciliation including Con-Arb --- PART B -Additional form for dismissal disputes only


1.2.1 Employee orientation checklist
1.2.2 Notification to attend an incapacity investigation
1.2.3 Employee take-on --- termination checklist
1.2.4 Dismissal for poor work performance - employees other than probationary employees
1.2.5 Poor work performance counselling session


1.4.1 Example of an employment contract
1.4.2 Fixed term contract of employment
1.4.3 Letter of appointment of an independent contractor
1.4.6 Retrenchment advice - example of letter terminating services
1.4.7.a Agreement entered into between re overtime - employees

JHG Personnel Practitioners Membership Program

JHG Personnel Practitioners is a Human Resources Management firm established in 1991 with the sole purpose of providing effective services and solutions to our clients to improve their human resources management functions.

We seek to add value to our clients' business through a careful analysis of our clients’ specific needs and providing customized solutions for every client.

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Those 24-Hour Notices

Many an employer has had to contend with the 24-hour notice problem. What usually happens is an employee is appointed and then trained at a cost to the employer.A contract of employment is signed which normally has a clause stating that a month's notice should be given at termination of the contract by either party. Then one morning the employee gives notice, in writing or not, and they want to leave the next day.

Public holidays in 2015

Public holidays in 2015 Employers and employees, please take note of the following remaining public holidays for 2015: Human Rights Day, Saturday 21 March Good Friday, Friday 3 April Family Day, Monday 6 April Freedom Day, Monday 27 April Workers’ Day, Friday 1 May Youth Day, Tuesday 16 June National Women’s Day, Sunday 9 August […]

Temporary Employees – The 2015 Landscape

Temporary Employees - The 2015 Landscape

By Judith Griessel, Griessel Consulting

The Labour Relations Amendment Act came into operation on 1 January 2015 and places significant restrictions on the use of ‘non-standard’ employees, including fixed term and part time contracts. Employers would be amiss if they do not take note and adapt their employment policies and practices accordingly.

A limited duration (fixed-term) contract is one entered into for a temporary period. It terminates due to effluxion of time on:

the occurrence of a specified event;
the completion of a specified task or project;
a fixed date (other than normal/agreed retirement age).
There are a number of risks for employers associated with making use of temporary employment. Some of these risks always existed, however specific statutory protection has now been added in respect of certain categories of employees.