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1.1.1 – Clarifying poor work performance
1.1.2 – Unable or unwilling to meet performance standards
1.1.3 – Procedure for dealing with poor work performance
1.1.4 – Considerations for dismissal for poor performance
1.1.5 – Parties involved
1.1.6 – Probationers and poor work performance


1.1.11. Notice of intention to retrench
1.1.22 Performance Management Cycle and Forms
1.1.23 – Notice to attend a poor work performance counseling session
1.1.24 – Disciplinary finding for work performance
1.1.25 – Official record of poor work performance inquiry
1.2.4 – Dismissal for poor work performance : employees other than probationary employees
1.2.5 – Poor work performance counselling session
1.2.6 – Poor work performance hearing
1.2.7 – Checklist for dismissal for operational requirements
1.2.8 – Checklist for dismissals
1.3.2 – Notice of dismissal
2.1.6 – Poor work performance hearing

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