JHG Supreme Membership


We deliver bespoke services to ensure that our clients’ unique needs are catered for.

We deliver with your Membership all the content of our website such as FORMS, CONTRACTS AND PROCEDURES.

We are available to assist our clients whenever they need our involvement – enquiries dealt with within 24 hours.

We deliver our services online, telephonically or at the workplace.

We are committed to deliver beyond our clients' expectations.

We are passionate about who we are and what we can do for our clients.

We conduct ourselves in a professional, trustworthy and ethical way.

We are proud to deliver expert service to a wide range of clients within various industries.

We are committed to deliver specialized, personal attention.

We are available to assist our clients whenever they need our involvement.

Most of our services are rendered at the workplace.

We have longstanding relationships with our clients.

We have a high success rate with CCMA cases.

We endeavour to assist our clients in huge financial savings, such as:

Positive and smooth labour inspections.

Correct and timely submission of Workplace Skills Plans.

Correct and timely submission of Employment Equity Plans.

Chairing of disciplinary hearings to ensure procedural and substantive compliance.

Effective strike handling.

Unnecessary Arbitration Awards.

Management of Union involvement.

Correct retrenchment procedures.

In short – WE make it happen!


  • Size [number of employees] of the company
  • 1 - 50
  • 51 - 100
  • 101 - 250
  • > 251
  • Subscription cost of membership
    [per month]
  • R285
  • R365
  • R425
  • R485
  • Once-off administration fee for activation [payable on activation]
  • R285
  • R365
  • R425
  • R485