Contracting out of the labour relations act

Imagine a situation where an employer does not have job vacancy, but agrees to accommodate a person as a favour. The person is employed with the clear understanding that if things do not work out, the contract may be terminated without the employee having recourse to the remedies afforded by the Labour Relations Act. Can this be done?


1.2.1 Employee orientation checklist
1.2.2 Notification to attend an incapacity investigation
1.2.3 Employee take-on --- termination checklist
1.2.4 Dismissal for poor work performance - employees other than probationary employees
1.2.5 Poor work performance counselling session


1.4.1 Example of an employment contract
1.4.2 Fixed term contract of employment
1.4.3 Letter of appointment of an independent contractor
1.4.6 Retrenchment advice - example of letter terminating services
1.4.7.a Agreement entered into between re overtime - employees

Major Hazard Installation comes under a spotlight at Polokwane Labour Seminar

A seminar on Major Hazard Installation (MHI) was on Thursday told about the importance of all facilities holding Hazardous Chemicals Substances in large quantities to notify local authorities as well as the Department of Labour about their profiles.
Rachel Aphane, Specialist for Major Hazard Installation in the Department of Labour, was speaking at the MHI event organised by the department in Polokwane, attended by over 100 stakeholders from organised business, local authorities and members of the public.


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